Top sports betting sites

Its easier than you think, to find a great sports betting site. You will quickly notice that the betting sites are in a race for the most attractive bonuses so that they can ultimately win you as a new customer. There are now various bonuses, some of which can be used in combination. Please note, however, that every bonus is linked to certain conditions.

We'll explain briefly what bonuses are available. So you can decide for yourself who is the best sports betting provider for you – at least when it comes to the bonuses offered.

Bonuses available on best sports betting sites you visit

Deposit bonus:

Bonuses available on best sports betting sites you visit

This bonus is particularly useful for new customers. As a rule, the first deposit bonus is between 50% and 200% of the deposited amount. You should only pay attention to where the betting sites draw their line. Some at 100 euros, others at 200 euros. With a bonus of 100% you deposit 100 euros and receive an additional 100 euros as betting credit.

Free bets:

After submitting your betting slip, there is the possibility that the top betting providers will reward you and credit you with so-called free bets. In our example, you submit a betting slip for the Bundesliga worth at least 20 euros. As a reward, you will receive two free bets of 5 euros each, which you can redeem within a certain period of time. So bookmakers try to bind you to their side and their offer in order to assert themselves as the only true and best betting site.

sports betting – Risk Free Betting:

Risk-free bets are ideal for daring betting slips and long-term tips. The German betting provider Tipico in particular likes to make use of this bonus. As the name suggests, you can place your bet and get the full amount back if your bet fails. With this bonus, only pay attention to how often the amounts have to be wagered so that you can cash out the winnings.

Cashback bets:

Here the betting sites offer different options and either pay you back part of your losses or the amount you wagered. You can view this bonus as a reward for your loyalty, or as a kind of second chance should you have suffered higher losses.

Reload Bonus:

Or also called the (first) deposit bonus for existing customers. As a registered user, you will have the opportunity to have a certain amount of your next deposit credited as additional betting credit. The same applies here: watch out for the conditions and limits!

Of all the checked sites in our sports betting comparison, bet365 currently has the most bonuses for existing customers, but Tipico promotions and ComeOn also keep up with their bonus systems and are very interesting for you as someone who regularly submits betting slips.

Tax regulations for sports betting providers in Germany and abroad

Taxes are with us for a lifetime, including sports betting. As well as fees for deposits and withdrawals, you should inquire carefully about the tax framework of the respective bookmaker. The best betting providers are doing very well here and keep the fees as low as possible.